Western Slope offers general contracting services for new construction, ADUs, home remodels and additions. With a mastery of both modern building science and traditional craftsmanship, our highly skilled team will work with you to make informed decisions each step of the way, while keeping in mind the timeline and overall budget we set out together at the start.



In the pre-construction phase, we lay the foundation for a successful project with meticulous planning. We collaborate with you and your design team to provide comprehensive pricing and budgeting, and clearly define the scope of your project as the design progresses. 

Throughout the planning stage, we are available to help you understand the construction process and make decisions. Whether you have questions about ethical material sourcing or want to discuss strategies to improve energy efficiency or find value engineering solutions, we are here to help. By the end of the pre-construction phase, we will have a clear budget and projected timeline, materials ready to purchase, and all subcontractors scheduled. Thorough and professional completion of the pre-construction planning process is the basis for a successful build.



The construction phase at Western Slope starts with clear communication. While construction is inherently noisy and disruptive, it can also be an enjoyable and exciting experience. At our project kick-off meeting, we will set expectations and lay out a detailed project roadmap. As your build gets underway, we will continue to prioritize consistent communication and regularly review your experience. All of our projects are guided by an experienced project manager, whom you will get to know well as your dedicated point person. It all boils down to what we call concierge construction: we build with exceptional craftsmanship while providing an attentive and personalized experience from start to finish.

Western Slope is a full-service general contracting company serving the East and North Bay.

We offer services in home remodels and additions, ADUs, and new construction.

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